You have stumbled across the most bleeding-edge webpage on earth. That's right, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and Bootstrap brings you this state-of-the-art wepage full of all sorts of random goodies. *<:D

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Javascript Sudoku

A core-javascript based rendition of the classic 9 number puzzle. Features include:

  • Hours of limitless entertainment
  • Zero Javascript Frameworks
  • 3 mind-boggling difficulty levels
  • HTML5 Canvas driven animations
  • Stimulating Sound Effects
  • 100% Free, with non-minified and open-source code available on GitHub

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Frontier Trailblazer (beta)

(In development) A challenging game of survival, wits, and grit. Embark as you and your team try and blaze the trail across the new frontier.

  • Hours of limitless entertainment
  • Beards, dirt, wagons, etc.
  • Random fun art I made myself using Gimp (open-source photoshop equivalent)
  • VueJS fed data-binding and front end
  • PHP, MySQL backend
  • Html5 Canvas based mini-games
  • Contact me if you feel you would enjoy contributing to this ongoing project

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Utah Valley University

This is the University I attend, they have an outstanding Computer Science program that I highly recommend you check out. Plus, I wanted to see what another "Tile" would look like on this webpage...So here you go!

  • Utah's largest University! Over 35,000 students!
  • Green... Lots of green
  • Wolverines too, can't pass those up

Why Not?

Unbeatable Tic-Tac-Toe

Simple Tic-Tac-Toe game, with an absolutely impossible to beat AI!

  • Hours of mindless frustration
  • X's, O's, and 3x3 grids
  • Simple WinForms based GUI
  • C# .NET goodness
  • Desktop based application, so you can play it all day without internet!
  • 100% Free Download, with a Travis "virus-free" guarantee!

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