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You have just stumbled across one of the most interesting websites on the internet. That's right, an eclectic combination of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, NodeJS, Vue.js, MongoDB, MySQL, Java, C#, a little PHP, and Bootstrap brings you this rad webpage full of all sorts of moderately amusing projects, (both complete and in progress).

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A networked-multiplayer remake of the classic arcade game:

  • Fully multiplayer
  • JavaFX 3D GUI
  • Lots of awesome Java Socket communication
  • Threads, lots of threading
  • Blocky looking Tanks
  • Somewhat unrealistic rate of fire and unlimited bullets


Javascript Sudoku

A core-javascript based rendition of the classic 9 number puzzle. Features include:

  • Hours of limitless entertainment
  • Zero Javascript Frameworks
  • HTML5 Canvas driven animations
  • Stimulating Sound Effects
  • Lots and lots of numbers, in lots of fun and challenging puzzles
  • 100% Free, with non-minified and open-source code available on GitHub

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Mr Martian (beta)

(In development) Battle the harsh elements of Mars in a fierce competition for survival.

  • Multiplayer (up to 1-4 players)
  • Mars, spaceships, & maybe aliens...
  • Random fun art made in GIMP
  • VueJS fed data-binding and front end
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Co-created by: Travis Lindsay, Jared Smith, & Derek Smith
  • Contact me if you feel you would enjoy contributing to this ongoing project

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Class Portal

Class Portal is an in development project that helps teachers track and manage classroom achievements, 'xp points', and any other additional non-standard-grade type information.

  • Highly configurable, teachers can add various classes, assign individual students to each class, and configure whatever grading setup they prefer.
  • Both point and checklist based progress tracking
  • Teachers manage student account info and login information, so they never lose their account again :)
  • Super rad, and mostly mobile friendly UI
  • 'Quick Calc' Excel-like point calculator, and intuitive hotkeys for rapid progress entry
  • Tech Stack: MongoDB, NodeJS, and VueJS

Why Not?

Unbeatable Tic-Tac-Toe

Simple Tic-Tac-Toe game, with an absolutely impossible to beat AI!

  • Hours of mindless frustration
  • X's, O's, and 3x3 grids
  • Simple WinForms based GUI
  • C# .NET goodness
  • Desktop based application, so you can play it all day without internet!
  • 100% Free Download, with a Travis "virus-free" guarantee!

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